What if you could get clients from social media in only 1 hour a week?

(even if you don't know what to write in your posts) 

The Photography Posting Plan is for photographers who... 

- want to have their social media scheduled in advance

- stay consistent and make connections with ideal clients
- without spending hours every week wondering what to post (especially when you don't have new photos to share)

The truth is: most photographers try to get clients from social media but rarely find them because they're posting inconsistently and run out of new things to share. 

But it’s not your fault...I know you’ve tried!

Your ideal clients are on social media, but chances are your new followers are mostly bot accounts, your friends and other photographers.

The reality is without clients from social media , you’ll continue to struggle, and it’s not a lack of effort on your part…
  • You tried posting what other photographers are posting (but had no luck because because they aren't YOU)!
  •  You try hiring someone to do social media for you, but end up spending a lot of money for mediocre engagement.
  • You even neglect social media all together sometimes (which leads people to wonder if you're still in business)
If you don't figure out what to post now -- you'll end up without new clients AND no new photos share.
That's why I created the Photographer's Posting Plan for Baby Photographers like YOU who want to get clients from social media!


The Birth & Baby Photography Posting Plan

A complete process to schedule engaging posts in just 1 hour a week so that you can get back to doing what you love -- taking photos! 


Attracting clients who don't care about price, they want YOU

Staying top of mind with your ideal client

Appearing to be busy & in-demand (even if bookings are slow right now)

MORE time with your family & LESS time posting on social media! 


  • log into Instagram to find 5 new inquiries via DM.
  • spend 60 minutes a week posting on social to find your ideal clients. 
  • experience LESS stress about where to find clients and MORE joy, relief and excitement in your business.
  • ​​go from tired of worrying about posting on social media to inquiries from ideal clients in only 1 hour a week!


  •  You've tried posting what other photographer post, but had no luck because they aren't YOU!
  • You reposted the same images more than once, but are worried about continuing with that strategy because of what others might think..
  • You even tried to forego social media all together, but ended up worried about missing out on bookings..

I get it because I’ve been there...

  • I struggled with what to say on social media, I ran out of content to share as a new photographer, and I sure didn't want to look like my business was slow or failing as I was working hard to attract more clients.
  • Nothing worked...until I discovered how to stay consistent posting on social media even if I didn't have new sessions to share or a lot of extra time to write thoughtful posts.  


Once I figured out how to post consistently, my business changed forever.

I felt relieved and excited to publish posts that were getting comments, shares and even inquiries!

I want the same for you...

The Birth & Baby Photography Posting Plan helps you get clients from social media by posting consistently, even without a lot of new sessions every month.. It’s unlike other system because it specifically created for birth & baby photographers.


How to Batch 1 Week's Posts in 60 Minutes

You’ll learn exactly what to post every single day so you can save time and frustration.

We’ll dive into:
  • How create content specifically for pregnant moms so you can attract your ideal client.
  • ​A 3-month calendar with your post topic and category so you never wonder what to post. 
  • ​How to track your metrics on social media so you can do more of what's working!

The Perfect Caption Workbook

  • How start your captions so you can stop the scroll of your ideal client.
  • How to deliver the core of the caption so people love your content.
  • ​How to give a juicy hook so you can get more comments, shares and inquiries.

30 Day Posting Process

  • Exactly how and what to share so you can take the guesswork out of posting.
  • A step-by-step checklist so you know what to do everyday

Social Media Momentum

You’ll learn how to post when you don't have new sessions, so you can stay relevant.

We’ll dive into:
  • The 4 types of posts to make when you don't have new session photos to share (no more excuses for being inconsistent)!
  • Content Ideas Bank: what to post when you can't think of what to share & keep attracting your ideal client on social.

The Birth & Baby Photographer's Posting Plan

How to Batch 1 Week's Posts in 60 Minutes
Value $197

A 3 month content calendar specifically for birth & baby photographers so you attract your ideal client.

The Perfect Caption Workbook & Training
Value $47

A formula to quickly & easily write your captions, so you can stop the scroll of your dream client!

30 Day Posting Process
Value $97

A step-by-step checklist, so you can take the guesswork out of posting.

Social Media Momentum
Value $47

A content bank of ideas so you no longer have any excuses not to be consistent.


BONUS 1: Picture Perfect Social - Value $67
A guide to easily repurpose 1 post into 5-10 pieces of unique content, so you can spend less time creating while still consistently posting.

BONUS 2: Instagram Stories Templates for Photographers - Value $47
 Canva templates to customize and share on Instagram stories, so you can build super fans..

offer total value: $502
offer price: $37


Who am I?

I'm Tavia Redburn and I don't just teach photography & how to go full time with your photography business; I actually did it. 

I used this EXACT method for myself and use it with my students to help them post consistently on social and get fully booked. I'm not just repeating what every other expert says.
I'm not JUST a Photography Educator ...
I've been working in the photography industry as a photographer for 10+ years.
Since 2018, I've been helping birth photographers specialize in birth, get certified and go full time. 

I've helped students get fully booked with ideal clients and still have lots of family time.

I’ve helped them avoid going silent on social because they thought they didn't have enough time to get it all done. 
I'm a studio owner and photography educator, and I believe in God + family first, then create a business you love and serve others with your skills.
And I can help you do the same.

This is Right For You If You Are...

Ready to to consistently post on social media to finally the attention of your ideal clients.

Willing to follow a system to finally post high-quality content.

Ready to STOP doing looking at what other photographers are posting, posting quickly without much thought to check it off their list and start creating content that is specific to YOU and attracts YOUR right people!

Willing to use the 30 day posting plan so you can get back your time to spend with your family.

Not Right For You If You Are...

Not prepared to do the work to finally the attention of your ideal clients.

Tied to outsourcing social media before you've learned how to do it yourself.

Unwilling to find your unique voice on social and prefer to create generic content that doesn't bring quality followers.

Dead-set on doing neglect social media all together ...The Birth & Baby Photographer's Posting Plan is NOT for you.


I’m a business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 7-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that The Birth & Baby Photographer's Posting Plan will get you clients in those 7 days (although it very well might), I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the product.

Of course, If you’re not happy with The Birth & Baby Photographer's Posting Plan, I will refund your money within 7 days of your purchase.


What’s standing in the way of you finally your ideal client to follow you on social media, booking ideal clients , and saving time you used to spend on social media?
I know how hard it can be to be consistent on social media. That's why I designed The Birth & Baby Photographer's Posting Plan to make it easy for you by giving you a complete 3-month content calendar of what to post, exactly how to write the captions, and offering a 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

When you click the "YES! I WANT THE BIRTH & BABY PHOTOGRAPHER'S POSTING PLAN NOW" button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information.

This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.


What if I don't have enough content to share or photos to post to stay consistent ?
The Birth & Baby Photographer's Posting Plan was created so you don’t have to worry about what to post if you don't have new sessions to share. I’ll show you exactly how to post without new photos using the content idea bank, so you can stay consistent and target your ideal client on social.

When do I get access to the everything?
You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your the the zoom call with a live Q&A. If for some reason you don't get it, check your spam folder, or contact me at hello@thebeautyinbirth.com.

What if I just can't do it on my own?
I offer full marketing courses & 1:1 coaching. Please contact me at hello@thebeautyinbirth.com for more information.

What if I decide this isn't for me?
I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days of purchase. No worries.

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